YouTube Student Plan

How Beacon Institute of Health Sciences is Offering the Cheapest YouTube Premium Plan

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that offers an ad-free viewing experience, background play, and offline downloads for videos on YouTube. While it’s a nice perk to have, the standard $13.99 monthly cost can be prohibitive for students on a budget. However, the Beacon Institute of Health Sciences has found a way to offer Premium to their students at a fraction of the normal price.

Why YouTube Premium is Useful for Students?

YouTube Premium offers following several benefits that can be especially useful for students:

– Ad-free viewing – No annoying ads interrupting your educational videos

– Background play – You can minimize a video and the audio will keep playing, allowing you to multitask

– Offline downloads – Download lectures and study material to watch offline when you don’t have internet access

– Original content – Some additional shows and movies not available with a free YouTube account

Having uninterrupted access to educational videos and the ability to listen on the go can be a major help for learning”

Why The benefits of a Cheaper YouTube Premium Plan?

While the standard $13.99 per month price tag may be unachievable for many students, the Beacon Institute has partnered with YouTube to offer Premium to their students for only Pak Rs 180/- per month/ student or device (Student premium plan will cost Pak Rs 330/ month for two devices, which makes Pak Rs 175/month each device)

By registering with YouTube’s student plan, Beacon is able to provide Premium access to currently enrolled students at a fraction of the regular cost. This allows students to take advantage of Premium benefits to enhance their learning experience at an affordable price point.

To get premium plan via Beacon Institute of Health Sciences, click here and fill desired details. For queries, you can email at