Nurse Team

Nursing colleges begin evening programme

Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute Prof Al-Fareed Zafar said that launch of four-year degree programme in evening shift for the first time in 44 nursing colleges of the province, including Lahore General Hospital by Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi is a historic initiative in the health sector

He said that this initiative will have a positive impact on nursing health education and will greatly help in the promotion of health professionalism in the province and to fulfill the shortage of trained nurses. Prof Al-Fareed highlighted that a large number of trained nurses will benefit from the evening shift classes, which will not only strengthen the healthcare system but also improve the quality of patient care in hospitals. There are many job opportunities in the hospitals of foreign countries and this decision will pave the way for a number of qualified nurses to work abroad, which will not only improve the economic condition of hundreds of families but also bring a lot of remittances to Pakistan.