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Canva Announces a Suite of New AI Tools

Here’s what’s new for Canva’s 135 million users:

First, Canva already had basic AI features like:

  • Text to Image
  • Magic Write
  • AI copywriting assistant

Today’s announcement goes on top of these as follows:

Magic Design

Turn an image into a completely personalized design template

Canva Magic Design

Magic Edit

Replace an element with an AI-generated image

Canva Magic Edit

Magic Eraser

Remove elements from an image

Canva Magic Eraser

Magic Presentations

Generate a slide deck from a prompt

Canva Magic Presentation

Expansion of Magic Write

Now available in every document format and in 18 languages

Expansion of Magic Write

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Unlock World of Knowledge with Your E-Library Access

You are in nursing and medical school right now, so it is very important that you have access to the newest studies and tools for your education and future career. Because of this, your school gives you access to a large e-library. Still, there are some students who don’t make the most of this invaluable resource. In this blog post, I’ll show you how useful the internet library can be and why you should use it for your schoolwork.

What Digital Access Can Do for You

You no longer have to go to the college library and hold your breath in hopes that they have the book, journal, or other materials you need. The internet library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and gives you instant access to thousands of full-text articles. In other words, anyone can do research at any time and from anywhere. Whereas:

  • It’s easy to find the newest research and articles.
  • Materials for homework and study projects that are easy to find and use as references.
  • Follow up right away on interesting points that are brought up during the talks.

Keep your knowledge of your field up to date

A lot of research is published all over the world every day in the areas of nursing, medicine, and healthcare. If you use the electronic library often, you will be able to stay up-to-date on the latest best practices, processes, case studies, and other useful information that is based on evidence. In this way, it supports:

  • Using the newest material and methods in therapeutic settings
  • Knowing where healthcare norms and technology are going
  • Learning about new ways to help people will help you in your future work as a healthcare professional

Your ability to do research should be improved

When compared to using digital tools, looking through individual books in the library for relevant things can be hard work that takes a lot of time. It is easy to do the following with the e-library:

  • You can use keywords, titles, and writers to look for publications.
  • Get useful citations to expand the scope of your research.
  • If you want to do in-depth research on a subject, get information from a lot of different sources fast.
  • Export citations to avoid having duplicate material and use them as references in your writing.

Help You With Your Schoolwork

It is possible to learn basic things from lectures and textbooks, but using library tools for self-directed learning lets you go deeper into issues that are brought up. You can do the following on your own with the internet library:

  • Find out more about ideas that haven’t been talked about in class.
  • Kindly read some examples and case studies that deal with important topics.
  • Do study on a subject that isn’t covered by the teachers through the curriculum.
  • Find out more about something that interests you by doing a study on it.

It is very important that you make the most of this great resource that you can access as a student. You can stay up-to-date on the latest research and read more publications than you can find on campus in the internet library. It will also help you with your nursing or medicine studies. To be honest, it opens up a whole new world of valuable tools.

AI Images

Adobe Firefly, Midjourney, DALL-E 3 to make images

The #1 question people have when they want to make AI images: Should I use Midjourney, DALL-E 3, Adobe Firefly 2 or Stable Diffusion? I’ve spent the past 6 months generating 50,000+ images across all 4 platforms. Here’s my breakdown:

Midjourney Beginners & Professionals

This is arguably the most popular platform. For a basic plan of $10 per month, you can’t go wrong with Midjourney. Nearly all of the images that you generate with MJ will look decent. Even if you don’t really know how to write prompts. There are also lots of features for you to explore. You can zoom, vary, upscale, and edit your images with inpainting. Beginners like Midjourney because it’s very easy to generate beautiful images. Professionals like Midjourney because it makes images with the best aesthetics, mood and atmosphere. If you like art and storytelling, Midjourney is for you.

But it has 3 main weaknesses:

a) The interface is not user-friendly. You have to use it in Discord (for now).

b) You cannot upload and edit your own images.

c) Character consistency is a big issue. It’s hard to generate 2 different pictures of the same person.

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Midjourney Vs DALL -E 3

The pics that DALL-E 3 generates usually aren’t as beautiful as Midjourney. But it has 4 big advantages over its competitors.

a) It’s free. You can use it in Bing Image Creator. You get 25 credits to generate images every day. Once you run out, you can still generate them, only slower.

b) It listens to instructions very well. Ask it to generate complicated scenes, specifying multiple characters, their clothes and their environment, and DALL-E will do it for you. Other AI’s won’t listen to you when it gets too complicated.

c) It can generate words. Say you want to make a t-shirt design with your name, written in a cursive font. DALL-E 3 can do it – while the other AIs will just create meaningless text.

d) If you have GPT plus, you can use it directly inside ChatGPT. This is incredibly convenient. You can just tell ChatGPT whatever you want to see, and GPT will write the prompts for you. Overall, DALL-E 3 is very easy to use for the average person. It’s good at making stuff like comics, coloring book images, vectors, logos and t-shirt designs. But it’s bad at making realistic and cinematic images. DALL-E also has stronger censorship than the other options.

Adobe Firefly 2

Firefly beats everyone else at one thing: Making realistic photos. It’s not like Midjourney, which always generates beautiful people and perfect scenes. Instead, Firefly is superb at making everyday photos of everyday objects and people. The images are very detailed. They’re so good that it’s hard to tell them apart from real photos. But Firefly is more expensive than Midjourney. It also struggles at other types of images. If you want to make cinematic, fashion, video game or manga scenes, there are better options.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion can do almost everything that the others can and more. It can generate 100 pictures at once. It can increase the resolution of a photo by 10x. You can train it to make pictures of your face. There’s an almost unlimited number of styles that you can download from Civitai. SD also has a powerful feature called ControlNet to control the exact pose and style of the images and it has zero censorship. But the thing is, for ordinary people, it’s hard to learn.

If you want to get superior results, you need to spend a lot more time researching models and tweaking parameters. You also need a good GPU with at least 8GB of RAM to run it properly – or rent a cloud GPU. Therefore, if you’re a casual user, there’s no need for Stable Diffusion. But if you’re a pro who wants to train an AI to make pics of your own artwork or a tech geek who loves fine-tuning models or a brand seeking the best shots for your product then Stable Diffusion might be the right choice.


Which AI is best, really depends on what you want to use it for.

If you like cinematic shots and beautiful aesthetics, use Midjourney.

But you want something straightforward with lots of practical use cases, use DALL-E 3.

If you want to make super realistic photos, use Firefly 2.

If you’re not satisfied with the others and wanna go hardcore mode, use Stable Diffusion.

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Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a cutting-edge technology that is rapidly transforming our lives in various ways. In simple terms, AI refers to computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, like problem-solving, learning, and decision-making. In the current scenario, AI has become essential, playing a crucial role in various aspects of our daily lives and industries.

Efficiency and Automation

AI has revolutionized how we work by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. For example, in factories, AI-powered robots can assemble products faster and with greater precision than humans, boosting productivity. In offices, AI streamlines administrative tasks like data entry, allowing employees to focus on more creative and strategic aspects of their jobs.

Personalized Experiences

AI enables companies to understand their customers better and offer personalized experiences. Online shopping platforms use AI algorithms to recommend products based on our preferences and buying history. Streaming services suggest movies and shows we might like, making our entertainment choices more tailored to our tastes.

Smart Assistants

Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant use AI to understand and respond to our commands. They can set reminders, answer questions, and control smart home devices. These assistants have become our helpful companions, making our lives more convenient and connected.

Enhanced Learning and Education

AI is transforming education by providing personalized learning experiences. AI-powered educational software can adapt to individual students’ learning styles and needs, making learning more effective and engaging. Moreover, AI can assist teachers by automating administrative tasks and grading, allowing them to focus on teaching.


In today’s world, artificial intelligence has become a game-changer across various domains. From improving efficiency and personalizing experiences to revolutionizing healthcare and transportation, AI is reshaping the way we live and work. As this technology continues to evolve, it is crucial to embrace its potential while also addressing any ethical and societal implications. By harnessing the power of AI responsibly, we can create a more connected, efficient, and innovative world for generations to come.