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<tr class="row-1 odd">
	<th class="column-1">Course Name</th><th class="column-2">Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Post R/N</th>
<tbody class="row-hover">
<tr class="row-2 even">
	<td class="column-1">Eligibility</td><td class="column-2">.....</td>
<tr class="row-3 odd">
	<td class="column-1">Current Status</td><td class="column-2">2022-23 in progress</td>
<tr class="row-4 even">
	<td class="column-1">Admissions Status</td><td class="column-2">2023-24 are open</td>
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Course NameBachelor of Science in Nursing – Post R/N
Current Status2022-23 in progress
Admissions Status2023-24 are open